Breaking the Silence

How we can help

The Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW has committed to the Breaking the Silence policy, procedures and Code of Conduct. We want everyone to be safe.

If you have been made aware of misconduct, or suspect abuse and need to report it, you should notify the CPU and the appropriate authorities.

We have produced a number of info sheets, posters, forms, templates and other useful resources for implementing safe ministry practices in your church. 

If you are suffering abuse of any form, we are here to support you. If you are helping someone else through abuse issues, you may also need support.

BTS Foundations Training is required every 3 years for those in leadership and anyone working with children or young people. 

Got a question about WWCC requirements? Not sure if you need to complete BTS Training?You might find the answers you’re looking for in the list here.

Not sure what you need to do before starting a new role or ministry?

Everything you need to know about getting started is here.

Read our latest updates and articles, and find out what’s happening in the Breaking the Silence community.


Want to attend a CPU-run training session?

Check here to see if there are any sessions planned near you.

The Conduct Protocol Unit has been established by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales as an expression of the Church’s commitment to providing all congregations, presbyteries and affiliated organisations with the best possible support, advice and resources in relation to abuse matters more broadly.

The CPU serves the Presbyterian Church of Australia in several states as well as supporting mission partners organisations.