Breaking the Silence

Serving the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW, ACT, TAS & WA

Breaking the Silence applies to anyone in a position of authority within the church and those interacting directly with children and young people in their position.

This form can be completed by individuals from NSW, the ACT, WA and Tasmania and will ask for details relevant to your clearance registration (eg. WWCC) once your state or territory is selected.

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Please include any commonly used shortenings that may be used to refer to you in church communications (e.g. Mike for Michael, Annie for Annabella etc.)

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If you have queries, please contact or call 02 9690 9321 during office hours.

July 2024
Admin requests

Due to changes in staffing, there will be a delay to processing WWCC verifications and marking online training submissions.

The delay is anticipated to last a few weeks. We thank you for your understanding in this period.

For any urgent WWCC verifications, please email with full details. and include ‘Urgent WWCC’ in the subject line.

For non-urgent WWCC verifications, please continue to use the online registration form and these will be attended to as soon as possible.